Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Main Idea Madness

My Favorite Jacket

I love my jacket because it is very soft. It has fur inside and makes me cozy and warm. I take it almost everywhere I go. It is black with peach colored stripes. I have been wearing it for almost two years and I still love it a lot. One day my mom gave me a different jacket to wear. I told her no I didn't like the other jacket. I took my favorite and put it on and went to school. My jacket feels like a friend to me. When I misplace it I won't stop looking for it. When it doesn't fit me anymore I will give it to my little brother. Whenever I wear it I con't stop thinking about how warm and comfortable it is!

What is the main idea of this story? (Who or what, did what, why or how)


  1. A girl never took off her favorite jacket because it was warm ,cozy, and it had fur.

  2. A gril never take her comteber,favorate jacket beacause she feels its a friend to her.By Jovanna

  3. The story is about A girl who never takes off her sweater beuase the sweater was to cuffy. when she lost her sweater she would not stop looking for her sweater. if the sweater did not fit her she gave the sweater to her brother.


  4. He takes it almost everywhere.He wears it for a year.His jacket has fer in it.

  5. She takes it almost everywhere.She wears the jacket for a year. Her jacket has fur.

    Jazmin Citlali Ramos.